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To buy goods in e-store can both registered and unregistered customers.

Registered buyers immediately become the participants of loyalty program and they get 3-25% price discount. The specific size of item discount is determined for each product. 

Registered buyers get acquainted with the rules presented below and confirm them during the registration process. Unregistered buyers get acquainted with the rules and confirm them during each new shopping. 

Agreement of purchase of goods in e-store www.autoaibė.lt 

1. Conclusion of purchase and sale agreement 

1.1 If the buyer puts a check mark in the box "acquainted with the procurement rules" it is considered that he was acquainted with the terms of purchase and purchase and sale agreement is concluded. While registering, this box is in the registration form, in the case of a one-time purchase – in order confirmation form.
1.2 Agreements, their confirmation date and other customer‘s data are registered and stored in the database of JSC Autoaibe.

2. Purchase Order and choice of place of delivery

2.1 Buyer selects items by clicking "Add to Cart" or similar button. In here you can contain an unlimited amount of goods, and prior to the adoption of an order you can remove the part of them from the order form.
2.2 Delivery data are entered (adjusted) and the payment method selected in order form. Seller may deliver the goods to the indicated buyer’s location or the buyer can withdraw them in the Autoaibe store specified in the order form in Vilnius, Klaipeda, Panevezys, Plunge, Kretinga, Gargzdai.

3. Prices of goods, payment procedures and deadlines

3.1 Prices of goods in e-store and in formed order are indicated in LTL with VAT. For the buyers-participants of the loyalty program prices of goods are shown already with the discount.
3.2 Delivery cost (LTL) is indicated in the order form.
3.3 The buyer specifies one of the payment methods in the order form: 

a. Bank transfer through e-banking systems. In this case, the buyer chooses one of indicated banks. The buyer, in order to take advantage of this payment form must be signed e-banking agreement with the selected bank. Order processing begins after the payment is received.
b. Payment in cash to the courier or upon arrival to the selected store. 

3.4 The money for the goods should be transferred to the following account:

Recipient (Seller): 

JSC "Autoaibė"
C/A: LT 04 7300 0100 0016 9540
Bank: „Swedbank“ AB
Bank code: 73000 

Reference No.: order number should be recorded.

Sum: the entire amount of the order from the order form should be recorded.

3.5 VAT invoice will be given to the customer at the time of delivery. The accounts indicated the selected item, quantity, offered discounts, the final price of the goods, including all taxes and delivery charges.

4. Delivery of goods

4.1 Goods ordered are sent or given to the selected store only after the approval from the bank that the payment was made.
4.2 The goods are delivered to the delivery point indicated in the customer's order form: at home, work and served for the person referred in booking form. Prior to the delivery Seller's representative shall contact the Purchaser and further clarify the terms of delivery.
4.3 Delivery costs throughout the Lithuania – 9,50 Lt., except Kursiu Nerija.

The price of delivery to Kursiu Nerija – 120 Lt. The goods sent to the other countries are charged by the charges set by couriers.

5. Warranty, goods exchange and return. 

5.1 Goods are subject to a two-year warranty period.
5.2 In the case when the seller does not guarantee the quality of certain types of goods, the warranty of the relevant legislation is valid.
5.3 If the item is proven to be inadequate for use not by your fault before the end of the warranty period, it is replaced by a new one, amended or you will get your money back. Product change, return, acceptance of improper to use is carried out in stores or you can (in conjunction with the documents that confirm the purchase in JSC Autoaibe and stated reason for return) sent through the courier services to the Autoaibe company's central headquarters: Minijos str. 169, LT-94287, Klaipeda.  

In agreement between the buyer and the seller, the goods can be repaired during the warranty period. JSC Autoaibe takes care about the repair procedure or you will be directed to after-sales service centres. 

5.4 Pristine and unused goods for cars (in original undamaged packages) we will take back or change to other goods if you will present the documents that confirm the purchase. Goods are accepted in stores or by specifying the reason for return, can be sent via courier services. In this case, all shipping costs are paid by the customer. Electrical and electronic products are not changeable and will not be accepted back in accordance with the 29th June, 2001 order No. 217 of the Minister of Economy - "Return or Replacement of Items" and 17th August, 2001 approved order No. 258 "Return or Replacement of Items Acquired via Communication Channels".

5.5 In all the cases of return delivery costs will not be refunded. 

5.6 The seller is not responsible if the goods in e-store www.autoaibė.lt by its colour, shape or other parameters do not meet the actual product size, shape and colour.

6. Protection of personal data 

6.1 Confirming this agreement buyer agrees, that the data would be stored in the database of JSC Autoaibe and used for order fulfilment and information purposes.
When purchasing without registration, data about the customer and his purchase history is not stored.
6.2 The seller undertakes that customer data would be stored and used in accordance with the legislation on data protection.

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