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Loyalty program discounts 3-25%

Loyalty program discounts 3-25%

Every customer can become a participant of loyalty program and purchase goods 3-25% cheaper.

The proposed discount system is cumulative. When increasing the amount of co-purchased goods also increases the percentage of discounts.

You can become a participant of loyalty program at any of our store. The discount will be given at the very first shopping.

When buying online, it is enough to register.

Or maybe you already are our regular customer and you would like to buy online?

Pleas contact any of our staff in store.

On the same or the next working day you will be created an electronic store account associated with your purchase history. Your login details will be sent to your e-mail. If you do not use the e-mail login information we will provide by telephone or inform you during your next visit. 

With our online shop linked account, you will be able to shop online on the same terms as in the store. 

Size of the discount depends on:

Specific item 

Total amount of your purchased goods

It is not difficult to accumulate amount of 40000 Lt that is necessary for the highest discount and if it is impossible to make it immediately, the amount can gradually accumulate for several years, because the validity of your ID number of loyal customer and discount card is unlimited. 

Discount card is personal, but it can also be used by other persons to whom the card owner entrusts his discount card. 

The discount card will be able to use in all Autoaibė stores and repair shops.

For each customer we offer unique discounts. If you are a participant of loyalty program, 3% discount will be given to you always and for any product, with the exception of sale off and some other products. There will always be at least some goods with the highest possible discount in the group of products from which you choose the needed one. Provide a discount card for the seller and he will tell you how to choose the optimum purchase and save the most. 

What is the maximum discount you can get depends on the accumulated procurement amount:

The accumulated
procurement amount Lt w/o VAT
Discounts %
After registration up to 3
250-499 up to 4
500-749 up to 5
750-999 up to 6
1000-1499 up to 7
1500-1999 up to 8
2000-2499 up to 9
2500-2999 up to 10
3000-3499 up to 11
3500-3999 up to 12
4000-4499 up to 13
4500-4999 up to 14
The accumulated
procurement amount Lt w/o VAT/th>
Discounts %
5000-5999 up to 15
6000-6999 up to 16
7000-7999 up to 17
8000-8999 up to 18
9000-9999 up to 19
10000-13999 up to 20
14000-17999 up to 21
18000-21999 up to 22
22000-25999 up to 23
26000-29999 up to 24
30000-39999 up to 24
40000- up to 25

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