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Coolant Temperature Sensor

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  • 25,25
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  • 1/8 - 27 NPTF
  • 1/8'' - 27
  • 1/8'' BSPT
  • 1/8'' x 27 NPTF
  • 1/8x27 NPTF
  • 12.5mm
  • 20mm
  • 3/8 GAS
  • 3/8'' B.S.P Taper
  • 3/8'' x 18 Dry Seal
  • 3/8'' x 18 NPTF
  • 3/8-24 Male
  • 3/8x18 NPT
  • 3/8x18 NPTF
  • 3/8x19 BSP
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  • M10x2
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  • M12 x 1.75
  • M12x1,5
  • M12x1,5mm
  • M12x1.25
  • M12x1.5
  • M12x125
  • M14 x 1,5
  • M14 x 1.25
  • M14 x 1.5
  • M14,1,5
  • M14x1,5
  • M14x1.25
  • M14x1.5
  • M16 x 1.5
  • M16x1.5
  • 12
  • 257
  • 294
  • 322
  • 2080
  • 2200
  • 2,55
  • Angular
  • Brass
  • Plastic
  • Petrol Injection
Meyle MEX0295 (1009190032) coolant temp.sensor F29318

Meyle MEX0295 (1009190032) coolant temp.sensor

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Meyle MEX0295 (1009190032) coolant temp.sensor

Diameter, mm
Number of ports
Temperature, °C
91 / 84
EAN Code
This product can be found with following alternative codes:

01308, 06A919501, 06A919501A, 06A919501AORG, 06A919501B, 0742077, 0824121168, 0905022, 1009190032, 109896, 1100736, 1193101400, 1459209, 150011110, 171916011110, 181536, 1830278, 210140, 23402, 234022010, 29318, 30919050106AA, 30929318, 30933911, 3256001, 330546, 33784, 33911, 4092, 468269, 530278, 55106, 6224, 68001313AB, 6M2110884AA, 6PT009309331, 70511539, 73278, 7472128, 81786, 82128, 82527, 862610042, 88800, 95510612500, 95510612501, 99760641000, A0135427817, AS2004, B13146, BSP21328, BTS3028, DS1017, ECS008, ECT5503, EPS1830278, F29318, FACET73278, FSE51169, FTS3028, K68001313AB, KW530278, LWS053, MEX0295, MN980152, MN980264, SNB964, SPA111, ST114, TS10278, V10990001, VCT131, WG1407325, WG1428761, WG1486797, WG1492521, WG1499634, WS1124, WS2607, XM2110884BA, XTT159
This product applies to subsequent vehicles:
A1, A1 (8X1, 8XK), A1 Sportback, A1 Sportback (8XA, 8XF), A2 (8Z0), A3 (8L1), A3 (8P1), A3 (8V1, 8VK), A3 Convertible (8P7), A3 Convertible (8V7, 8VE), A3 Limousine (8VS, 8VM), A3 Sportback (8PA), A3 Sportback (8VA, 8VF), A4 (8D2, B5), A4 (8E2, B6), A4 (8EC, B7), A4 (8K2, B8), A4 (8W2, B9), A4 Allroad (8KH, B8), A4 Allroad (8WH, B9), A4 Avant (8D5, B5), A4 Avant (8E5, B6), A4 Avant (8ED, B7), A4 Avant (8K5, B8), A4 Avant (8W5, B9), A4 Convertible (8H7, B6, 8HE, B7), A5 (8T3), A5 (F53), A5 Convertible (8F7), A5 Convertible (F57), A5 Sportback (8TA), A5 Sportback (F5A), A6 (4A2, C4), A6 (4B2, C5), A6 (4F2, C6), A6 (4G2, 4GC, C7), A6 Allroad (4FH, C6), A6 Allroad (4GH, 4GJ), A6 Avant (4B5, C5), A6 Avant (4F5, C6), A6 Avant (4G5, 4GD, C7), A7 Sportback (4GA, 4GF), A8 (4E2, 4E8), A8 (4H2, 4H8, 4HC, 4HL), Q2 (GAB), Q3, Q3 (8UB, 8UG), Q5 (8RB), Q7 (4LB), Q7 (4MB), R8 (422, 423), R8 Spyder (427, 429), TT (8J3), TT (FV3), TT Roadster (8J9), TT Roadster (FV9)
TGE Box (UY_), TGE Platform/Chassis (UZ_)
V-CLASS (638/2)
918 Spyder, BOXSTER (987), BOXSTER Spyder (987), CAYENNE (92A), CAYENNE (9PA), CAYMAN (987), MACAN (95B), PANAMERA (970), PANAMERA (971), PANAMERA Sport Turismo (971)
ALHAMBRA (710, 711), ALHAMBRA (7V8, 7V9), ALTEA (5P1), ALTEA XL (5P5, 5P8), ARONA (KJ7), ATECA (KH7), CORDOBA (6L2), EXEO (3R2), EXEO ST (3R5), IBIZA III (6L1), IBIZA IV (6J5, 6P1), IBIZA IV SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P5), IBIZA IV ST (6J8, 6P8), IBIZA V (6J5, 6P5), IBIZA V (KJ1), IBIZA V SPORTCOUPE (6J1, 6P1), LEON (1M1), LEON (1P1), LEON (5F1), LEON SC (5F5), LEON ST (5F8), TOLEDO III (5P2), TOLEDO IV (KG3)
FABIA I (6Y2), FABIA I Combi (6Y5), FABIA I Praktik (6Y5), FABIA I Saloon (6Y3), FABIA II (542), FABIA II Combi (545), KAROQ (NU7), KODIAQ (NS7), OCTAVIA (1Z3), OCTAVIA Combi (1Z5), OCTAVIA I (1U2), OCTAVIA I Combi (1U5), OCTAVIA II (1Z3), OCTAVIA II Combi (1Z5), OCTAVIA III (5E3, NL3, NR3), OCTAVIA III Combi (5E5), RAPID (NH3), RAPID Spaceback (NH1), ROOMSTER (5J), ROOMSTER Praktik (5J), SUPERB (3T4), SUPERB Estate (3T5), SUPERB II (3T4), SUPERB II Estate (3T5), SUPERB III (3V3), SUPERB III Estate (3V5), YETI (5L)
AMAROK, AMAROK (2HA, 2HB, S1B, S6B, S7A, S7B), ARTEON (3H7), BEETLE (5C1, 5C2), BEETLE Convertible (5C7, 5C8), BORA (1J2), BORA Variant (1J6), CADDY ALLTRACK Box (SAA), CADDY ALLTRACK Estate (SAB), CADDY III Box (2KA, 2KH, 2CA, 2CH), CADDY III Estate (2KB, 2KJ, 2CB, 2CJ), CADDY IV Box (SAA, SAH), CADDY IV Estate (SAB, SAJ), CC (358), CRAFTER 30-35 Bus (2E_), CRAFTER 30-50 Box (2E_), CRAFTER 30-50 Platform/Chassis (2F_), CRAFTER Box (SY_), CRAFTER Bus (SY_), CRAFTER Platform/Chassis (SZ_), EOS (1F7, 1F8), FOX (5Z1, 5Z3), GOLF ALLTRACK (BA5), GOLF IV (1J1), GOLF IV Variant (1J5), GOLF PLUS (5M1, 521), GOLF SPORTSVAN (AM1), GOLF V (1K1), GOLF V Variant (1K5), GOLF VI (5K1), GOLF VI Convertible (517), GOLF VI Variant (AJ5), GOLF VII (5G1, BQ1, BE1, BE2), GOLF VII Variant (BA5, BV5), JETTA III (1K2), JETTA IV (162, 163), LOAD UP (121, 122, BL1, BL2), MULTIVAN V (7HM, 7HN, 7HF, 7EF, 7EM, 7EN), MULTIVAN VI (SGF, SGM, SGN), NEW BEETLE (9C1, 1C1), NEW BEETLE Convertible (1Y7), PASSAT (362), PASSAT (3B3), PASSAT (3C2), PASSAT (3G2), PASSAT ALLTRACK (365), PASSAT ALLTRACK (3G5), PASSAT CC (357), PASSAT Variant (365), PASSAT Variant (3B6), PASSAT Variant (3C5), PASSAT Variant (3G5), PHAETON (3D1, 3D2, 3D3, 3D4, 3D6, 3D7, 3D8, 3D9), POLO (6R, 6C), POLO (6R1, 6C1), POLO (9N_), POLO (AW1, BZ1), POLO Saloon, POLO Saloon (9A4), SCIROCCO (137, 138), SHARAN (7M8, 7M9, 7M6), SHARAN (7N1, 7N2), T-ROC (A11), TIGUAN (5N_), TIGUAN (AD1), TIGUAN ALLSPACE (BW2), TOUAREG (7LA, 7L6, 7L7), TOUAREG (7P5, 7P6), TOURAN (1T1, 1T2), TOURAN (1T3), TOURAN (5T1), TRANSPORTER V Box (7HA, 7HH, 7EA, 7EH), TRANSPORTER V Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF), TRANSPORTER V Bus (7HB, 7HJ, 7EB, 7EJ, 7EF, 7EG, 7HF, 7EC), TRANSPORTER V Platform/Chassis (7JD, 7JE, 7JL, 7JY, 7JZ, 7FD, TRANSPORTER VI Box (SGA, SGH), TRANSPORTER VI Bus (SGB, SGG, SGJ), TRANSPORTER VI Platform/Chassis (SFD, SFE, SFL, SFZ), UP (121, 122, BL1, BL2)
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